Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Blog in 2010

I've given some serious thought to rolling up Ye Olde Blog with the end of 2009. I haven't had much success attracting readers: pageviews peaked (at ~10 per day) around August-September and have steadily declined ever since (to ~2-3 per day). My more popular posts have been stories/observations made in the course of my work, but I've started sending those stories to the IPA blog where I think they will get more exposure. The average quality of my posts has probably declined as a result, so I don't blame anyone who stopped following me.

Basically, I'm weighing the chance that I'll say something stupid and it will come back to bite me against the chance that I'll say something intelligent that will come back to benefit me.

If my goal is to keep family/friends in the loop, I could avoid public exposure by sending group Facebook messages (as now even my grandfather is on Facebook) or something like that. On the other hand, if I ever do stumble upon an idea worth sharing, would I know how to express it if I don't practice?

A dilemma. I think I will keep the blog because I like it, but post irregularly because I know that Mom, Dad and Girlfriend will read it anyway. I might also try out a few different titles and layouts or possibly change the address. And if a goal of the blog is to practice writing, more criticism from my intrepid readers would be helpful.

Any thoughts from Ye Loyal Readership?


  1. You have to keep yours up for the few times you are so delirious that you write half way insane entires (such as the one below). The universe is only in balance if for every 10 insane entires I post, you post one. Do your part, citizen.

    Love, Podgie

  2. Hey Ryan,

    Your blog has been a key part of feeling somewhat connected to your experiences there in Ghana. Some of your entries have been extremely interesting and others not so much, but it's always good to feel that you're thinking in our direction somewhat.

    As far as inviting critical input, it's a little hard to criticize when I'm appreciative for any spec of insight into your situation. From my perspective you could drop the opinions of the latest opinions in the field of Economics and I wouldn't miss it. You could add more of the incidental insights into the people there, and the way they live and see themselves (guess thats why I studied anthropology!). You could also add more relating to your own state of mind and how you are experiencing your life in Africa.

    Overall though I'm glad to read whatever's on your mind. Keep it going!

    Love, Dad

  3. Even your grandfather reads your blog about as often as he looks at his facebook page, and usually with more interest. I like the range of materials that you include, even the economics stuff. Your account of your adventures getting back to Ghana was entertaining (if in a rather sadistic vein). Keep writing. -- Digsy

  4. Don't quit!!! Love the abstract humor, anectodal comments,economic perspectives, and ...updates on haircuts! You likely have more 'visitors' than you think. Loving it...