Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Critically Important Update!

I know ya'all are just reading this to stay current on my viciously hip hairstyles. Well, I finally went under the knife again today (literally... he took out a razor blade to make some unwelcome finishing touches). I call this one the "So That's What I'll Look Like When I'm 55!" I went back to the creator of the "Egghead". Why? I don't know. I tried to explain how I wanted it to be like last time, only less round... which translated to: "Please shave off the lowest quarter inch of my hairline. I'd really like to know what I'll look like when I start going bald."

I think it's really great that elders are respected in Ghanaian culture. I do. But I'd be OK with just stopping to say hi when I walk by and not emulating their receding hairlines on my 25-year-old forehead.


  1. Well, given the genetic factors, you might as well get used to it sooner than later.


  2. Sounds like a hot hairstyle. I'll snap your picture on Saturday and send it right in to GQ...

  3. just grow your hair long...your mom (me) says it is okay, given the alternatives