Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Fact about Ghana (RFAG): #2

I'd like to introduce a new series: Random Facts about Ghana. There are things that I notice here that I find very interesting but can't be fully captured in a Tweet. I will record these observations as Random Facts about Ghana (RFAGs). I'm counting the last post as RFAG #1; this will be RFAG #2.

I tweeted about the unexpected emergence of Frog Season. Up until now, the rainy season have been a little weak. It's rained sometimes, but not too hard and not too long. I was starting to think that Ghanaians think they have a rainy season here like they think it gets cold here; you can only appreciate it relative to the norm of extreme heat and zero rain.

This week, however, it's started raining in earnest, every night. On my rainy walk to work yesterday morning, something amazing happened: Frog Season began! All of what are normally open sewers had real, running water flowing through them, and the loudest chorus of frogs that I had ever heard echoing against the concrete walls.

I often wondered why the open sewers contain no life. I guess it's just too toxic until it rains.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back Again


I've returned again after an interlude due to bad internet/power, travel, lots of work, and despair after I had to remove my only substantive blogs. I've decided to focus on shorter posts, and ones that don't necessarily keep you all up to date on what I've been up to, since that will always be a losing battle.

Ghana is famous for crazy store names. It's an extremely religious country, and most store names have to do with God, e.g., By His Grace Fashion, In Thy Name Taxi, etc. I keep a list of the craziest names I've come across so far. Here's a little sample:

My Jesus is Highly Recommended -- Sells biscuits/minerals (cookies and soda)
Pussy In Booth -- Right near my house, sells biscuits/minerals
Even Me Hotel -- Stayed there while I was in the field last week
Happy Store (Happy) -- In the middle of the jungle, sells biscuits/minerals