Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Interesting Ride to the Beach

I took a short trip to be beach today, but with Accra's traffic, I ended up spending more time traveling there/back than relaxing. On the ride there, the second tro-tro (minibus) I picked was blaring music out of a tape deck, and there were cassettes strewn across the front seat. "Only in Africa is there still I thriving cassette market," I thought.

I was quickly put straight when I hopped out and picked a shared taxi, who was blaring music off a USB memory stick plugged straight into his CD player. When he stopped at a junction, he yanked it out to swap with his buddy, and I saw that there is a USB port right on the face of the CD player (when did they start making such things!?). We cruised on to the beach listening to Burning Spear.

Juxtapositions like this are all over the place in Accra. If I had to describe Ghana to someone who doesn't know Africa (something I was totally unprepared for on my recent trip home), I would use stories like this.

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