Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ghana Wins!

Ghana won the FIFA Under-20 World Cup on Friday night. Wow! It was CRAZY! Everyone was far, far more excited than I expected, about on par with Argentina during the 2006 World Cup. And they were only cheering for teenagers! The World Cup is going to be quite something indeed.

I watched the game on a 40' by 30' projector set up right smack in the middle of one of the most popular streets. The game itself was a slog. Ghana was playing a man down for most of the game, but managed to keep Brazil scoreless through the entire game and extra time as well, so it went to penalty kicks (about the only situation you ever want to see PKs). When Brazil missed their final kick to give Ghana a chance at winning... wow... I really wish I had a camera...

As Ghana set up to take their final kick for the game, I wondered aloud to my friend, "What percentage of Ghana do you think is praying right now?" The prayers were answered; it was a perfect kick. It was enough for Ghana's vice-president to decide that "God is a Ghanaian".

I originally thought I wanted to go to South Africa for the World Cup, but Ghana is looking like a pretty amazing place to be.

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