Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Online Ghanaian Yellow Pages?

One thing that we have been entirely unsuccessful at in our office is finding a place that will deliver lunch. The kitchen/wait staff at the restaurants around are never in any particular hurry and lunch can actually be a substantial time drain. Yesterday was a fairly busy day, so when a colleague suggested that we try to find the number for our favorite Lebanese restaurant online, I was down but very skeptical that we would find anything.

I was amazed when she sent me this link and asked if I could call. What could this link be? An online Ghanaian yellow pages? No, it looks like it has reviews and contact information! Amazing! But wait! Where is the contact information?!

I read it over three or four times without seeing a phone number before finally asking the colleague how she expected me to be able to call... Her response was brilliant: It's on the sign board in the picture!


(Unfortunately, they didn't answer and we had to go and wait anyway...)


  1. Lol...I went to the link to be sure you weren't missing anything. Oh well, it works as advertisement!
    Hope you got lunch today!

  2. Hi Author
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