Monday, September 14, 2009

I Hate Paper, Part 2

An update on the paper survey situation: We had to print a few thousand more pages over the weekend for another survey. We arranged with a new Print Company #4 in advance, and negotiated a great rate -- but when we set out to deliver the file and start printing, they informed us that we had been bumped and they wouldn't get to us until maybe Tuesday of next week. I reluctantly called up Print Company #2, who assured us that they now have paper, toner and a printer that doesn't jam and would be willing to work all night if necessary to get everything ready for Monday morning. Great! Paper, toner, a printer, and staff -- what else could I need?

Power. When we got to the office, the lights were out and the machines were off. D'oh.

Eventually power came back and they worked all day Sunday to make up for lost time. Great! There isn't anything else that could possibly go wrong, right? Right?

Wrong. When they showed up today with 9 boxes of surveys, three of the boxes had the page 6 from the survey I printed last week...

Apparently, when the power went off one time, they mixed up the papers they were photocopying, so we have 8 pages on high school enrollment questions and one page of tailor business expenses. Oops!


  1. Wow Ryan! That's just crazy. Is everything that inefficient there ?


  2. Good lord no! Good luck getting anything done if everything were this hard -- this was extraordinarily difficulty, even for Africa.

  3. LOL!!!
    I was cracking up when I read 'I hate paper' part 2. I photocopied it for my secretary, who deals with copying here. Good way to put things into perspective!